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  • The Canadian federal government stipulates that for recreational aerial photography drones or professionals must be registered with the government and obtain a license level examination certificate before they can operate. Offenders will be fined and jailed. There are clear regulations on the height and distance of the drone operating area, including the weight of the drone and the age limit for operating the drone. For specific requirements, please refer to the official website of the {Goverment of Canada} Government of Canada.

  • We provide an integrated service, guide you from registration to successfully obtain a drone aerial photography operation flight driver's license, let you fully understand the Canadian drone aerial photography laws and regulations, and guide you on the aerial photography operation test requirements.

  • For the crowd:

  • Must be at least 16 years old, interested in drone aerial photography, playing with friends to record a beautiful life.

  • Professional photographers, with the purpose of wedding photography, event collection aerial photography, real estate development aerial photography.

​ flight qualification certificate


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After-school homework and tutoring for art and design majors

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Canadian drone aerial photography license training


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