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Jintian International Art Education Center designs an art portfolio Portfolio counseling plan according to the artistic characteristics of different students. Students without art foundation can consolidate their foundation and follow lessons to learn design through portfolio planning, divergent thinking, and focus on creativity. Combining experience into the portfolio, such a portfolio is the most perfect and the most touching! Finally, you can get the admission offer of the art major of your favorite university.


We need to combine Eastern and Western artistic thinking, so that students can improve their painting design ability and achieve results in a limited time. 1-to-1 teaching and efficient art counseling, until now the portfolio acceptance rate is 100%.


Main university portfolio application target countries [Canada-US-Australia-UK]

OCAD Ontario University of Art and Design, ACAD Alberta College of Art and Design, Sheridan, Ryerson, Emily Carr, YorkU, University_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_of Toronto University of Toronto, CalgaryU University of Calgary, Royal College of Art, University of the Arts London, Vancouver Island University, University of Ottawa University of Ottawa, UBC University of British Columbia, Parsons Parsons School of Design, UCLA University of California, UNSW University of New South Wales, University of Sydney, University of Sydney, UTAS University of Tasmania, RMITRoyal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Art Portfolio Tutoring for University Application in Toronto

Toronto University of the Arts Follow-up Project Tutoring

​Interview portfolio guidance for art design related jobs

May Arts Toronto

​How to prepare a portfolio?

  • There is a big difference between the content of the portfolio submitted for art majors in North America and the application for art majors in domestic universities. The submission of portfolios for art majors is very important. How can the examiners and professors have a deep impression on the students' works in the numerous portfolios? In addition, the examiner needs to see the professional direction of your application from the portfolio without seeing the text analysis. It is very important to plan the content of the portfolio reasonably. The wide range of official examination questions on the portfolio of the university portfolio makes it difficult for students to start. Maybe the students are very confident in their basic art skills, but it is far from enough to only show the basic skills in the content of the portfolio submission. The art majors of North American universities pay great attention to creativity and "brain hole" to create outstanding works is the most important thing. The mentor is your little partner, helping you discover your creative potential in a relaxed atmosphere.

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May Arts Toronto

Customized courses

  • Combined with the Project theme of the formal course teaching content of art majors in North American universities, it is easier for examiners to accept the concept of works;

  • According to the student's own situation, personalize the examination portfolio course;

  • Students without art foundation can also tailor courses according to their own situation. On the contrary, we found that students without painting foundation have strong creative ability and divergent thinking.

  • Within a limited time, grasp the focus and creativity of professional portfolios of different universities, improve students' artistic professional quality with the greatest ability, and obtain Offer. And smoothly integrate with the university curriculum environment.

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Apply for School Services

Excellent partners help schools apply for timely communication with schools, revise and polish English documents.

VIP 1V1 customized service

Class hours are arranged flexibly, 1-on-1 tutoring is provided, appointments are made according to students' time, the content of the portfolio is formulated according to students' personal circumstances, and the direction of university major selection, reasonable arrangement of class hours, and accurate recording of progress.

​Appointment consultation service

Consultation on matters related to the portfolio and course selection direction.

Portfolio supporting system

Complete collection of works

establish the theme


Portfolio Content Assignment

text concept analysis

professional typography

Typesetting according to the professional requirements of different colleges and universities

Submit a Portfolio

The professional requirements of different universities are divided into electronic version upload, mailed printed version, face-to-face + interview

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​Success Stories

The admission notice of the art major of the university involves various art majors of the university. With the consent of the student himself, it will be displayed at MAAE. Welcome to make an appointment for consultation.

​ portfolio core professional courses

Excellent and safe teaching environment

The entrance intercom video is unlocked, and irrelevant personnel are not allowed to enter, and the lobby and garage are monitored 24 hours a day

convenient transportation

Close to major schools, student gathering places, bus hub center, subway directly to the city center

​ convenient parking space

The studio provides free indoor underground parking spaces with ample parking spaces

Dining Convenience

Downstairs Yonge Street  Fashion and gourmet punching street.

After-school art major

Project homework guidance

For art majors, the scoring standard of the homework project depends on the professor's comprehensive evaluation of the students' works. Most of the difficulties encountered by students are that they cannot understand exactly what the professor wants the students to express. The tutor helps students understand the concept of the teaching assignment project, quickly establishes the theme, and assists in revision.

​Art design related job interview

Portfolio Tutoring

Art and design students are looking for part-time jobs or graduates to work in related design industries. According to job requirements, they will ask students to show and explain their portfolios in order to emphasize their design capabilities.


Portfolio training for university admission application for art and design majors

Counseling of graduation project portfolio for art and design majors

After-school homework and tutoring for art and design majors

After-school homework and tutoring for art and design majors

Job interview counseling for art and design majors


Art Foundation Course Schedule


Canadian drone aerial photography license training


Commercial customization of artwork


Business Cooperation

Address 1 Headquarters: TorontoYonge St. High-end business building Hullmark Center

4789 Yonge St. Unit 806, Toronto, ON M2N 0G3

Address 2 Branch: near the Mississauga campus of the University of Toronto Misener Crescent & Westman Rd, Mississauga, ON

Official WeChat customer service number

Call Now: 647-778-8796

Welcome to May Arts Gallery & Education

Jintian International Art Design Education Center

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