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​About MAAE's regional environment

About MAAE's regional environment

Excellent and safe teaching environment

The entrance intercom video is unlocked, and irrelevant personnel are not allowed to enter, and the lobby and garage are monitored 24 hours a day


convenient transportation

Close to major schools, student gathering places, bus hub center, downstairs P1 subway directly to the city center

多伦多大学作品集辅导 艺术设计辅导中心.jpg
加拿大多伦多金天国际艺术设计 大学作品集指导 画室 大学设计专业申请 (19).

Dining Convenience

Downstairs Yonge Street  Fashion and gourmet punching street.

​ convenient parking space

Indoor underground parking spaces in the office building, with ample parking spaces



​professional arttutor

efficient art direction,

Extract Art Major Emphasis,

Combined with the syllabus of the Art University, strategizing,

The most professional and friendly tutors communicate and teach in the way of friends,

Senior sisters and seniors let you understand the fun of art majors,

Guide the way of your future university life!


Portfolio training for university admission application for art and design majors

Counseling of graduation project portfolio for art and design majors

After-school homework and tutoring for art and design majors

After-school homework and tutoring for art and design majors

Job interview counseling for art and design majors


Art Foundation Course Schedule


Canadian drone aerial photography license training


Commercial customization of artwork


Business Cooperation

Address 1 Headquarters: TorontoYonge St. High-end business building Hullmark Center

4789 Yonge St. Unit 806, Toronto, ON M2N 0G3

Address 2 Branch: near University of Toronto Mississauga campus Misener Crescent & Westman Rd, Mississauga, ON

Official WeChat customer service number

Call Now: 647-778-8796
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